Bad News – Good News

Financially and economically bad news. What does this bring? Restlessness. Sleep problems. Bad habits. We all experience occasional sleeplessness, but wow combined with all this financial and economic yuk; who does not have bad news? Drugs a solution? Yes, let us help all the pharmaceutical companies; they will like that! I am not saying that it is out of the question, but there do seem to be better solutions depending on the amount of sleeplessness you endure.

Do you have a short-term sleep problem? What are your sleep routines? Tell me all the bad news. Bad habits anyone? Bad habits such as long or late day naps are probably not helping. Do you watch TV in bed? Do you drink coffee by the pot full or by the cup full? Do you drink alcohol and how much per day? A lot of bad news in sleeping patterns can lead to multiple health related problems so it is important to examine your routine to seek out what could be the problem of your sleeplessness.

Can your bad news of bad sleeping patterns be altered? Take a closer look at your routines. Do you eat large meals before you go to bed? Do you have a lot of distractions at bedtime? Do you have a lot of noise pollution waking you up in the middle of your sleep? Do you set your alarm only to shut your alarm off 3 times after you first hear your alarm go off? Are you comfortable sleeping on your mattress; it is hard or soft or just right? Your bodies pressure points are more important than you may think. Have you tried listening to a fan or a soft steady noise, or music, while first trying to sleep?

Solutions. Are there any solutions for bad news? Yes, of course. If you have had a sleep problem that persists, anyone would tell you first to go see your family physician. Often, your doctor can give you more sound advice than anyone else or refer you to a specialist if desired.

Other solutions to bad news. Some good news solutions can be helpful. There are three good news solutions that you may want to try for your sleeplessness.

First, one way to change your sleeping habits can be to learn to change your behavioral habits about sleeping. Try something new. Even a new sleeping area, or a different room, may help. Change the color of your room where you sleep to a peaceful, relaxing color. Rearrange your bedroom furniture or just take some of it out. Perhaps removing the TV would be a great idea.

Second, another way to change your sleeplessness is to change how you go to sleep. Sounds funky? Well, try it because it may help. Teach yourself to relax before you go to sleep. Usually, your blood pressure falls when you are asleep so try letting it fall before you try to go to sleep. Change your routine to be less stressful around bed time. Try yoga, or just simple steady repetitive deep breaths for a couple of minutes. A friend of mine did really well with just deep breathing exercises and a more calming schedule around bed time.

Third, another tip to falling asleep can be as easy as pie. If you are not allergic to milk, try a glass of milk before going to bed. Milk can help induce sleep. Interesting? It is true. Also, try mental techniques not just the physical. Prepare mentally for going to sleep. If your mind is on today’s disaster, you are not going to sleep very well. Let it go, let all the mental thoughts of the day go. Rather, focus on your favorite place to be, a calm, fun, relaxing place. Let the thought take you in and actually go there mentally. You can try several favorite locations and see which ones work best for you. Create your own euphoria. Your utopia will get you to sleep more quickly than that work disaster or home disaster that just never ends or just can not seem to be fixed. You may wake up after a great nights rest with fantastic solutions to problems you have not even thought about yet! Keep a log book beside you just in case.

Extra. Stop worrying! I know; easier said than done. Example, if you are worried about gas prices, do something about it instead of worrying. Did you know every 10 miles per hour you drive over 60 is like the price of gasoline going up per gallon purchased? So drive only 60 miles per hour instead of 70 miles per hour to save on gasoline costs. Make simple solutions to worrisome problems. You will feel better than you might think with just a few simple changes to your lifestyle.

Chronic insomnia is serious. See your doctor if all else falls. Your body can not function correctly without enough sleep. Trust me, I know. I found this out the hard way. Do not cheat yourself and your family out of crucial rest. Usually if you feel bad others feel bad around you. Use good news solutions to bad news sleep problems.

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Photo Art – Making Your Photos Look Better

With the wealth of image editing software available nowadays, it is not surprising to know that more and more people want to get photos with better quality and with a unique touch of art. Most people let specialists make modifications to their photos for them so that they could get some form of photo art from their ordinary photos. However, there are also some others who would like to do the job themselves.Knowing More about Photo ArtIf you are the kind of person who would like to do your own photo editing so that you could come up with a work of art out of your normal everyday photo, then you need to know the following things. First off, you must be aware that photo manipulation, which is one way of making photo art, has been around way before computers came into the picture. In the past, this was done through manually putting photos together one by one in the darkroom or using double-exposure, paints and inks to do some retouching. Burning, cutting, masking, dodging, and fading are just among the photo manipulations done in the past that are somehow similar to the digital maneuvers now done with the help of computers and photo editing software.There is also another way for you to create your own photo art, and this through removing the original background of your photos and replacing them with another. This can be done with the use of a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, which has a number of tools that could be used in taking away backgrounds from your photos.Here are just some of the tools in Photoshop that you could use in enhancing your photos and come up with an excellent photo art by simply pulling out the original background:

Magnetic Lasso Tool. You can use this with the quick mask mode and be able to get the background from your photo in an average time of ten minutes.
Background Eraser Tool. This is the easiest tool to use and could produce results in less than three minutes.
Pen Tool. With this, you could make a path around the image in your photo and then change it to something you could get from a selection. Expect to remove a background using this tool within 15 minutes.
Channel Mask. This tool makes use of channels to make a mask so that the background of your photo could be removed. This is relatively easy to use considering that you would already be successful in less than two minutes.
Technique Combination. If you really want to be sure, then you could pull out the background from your image by combining two or three or all of the techniques mentioned above. This kind of strategy will take an average of 20 minutes to get results though.

Aside from photo manipulation and the removal of background to make your own photo art, there are also other ways for you to be able to do this, and these are the basic editing techniques. These include the use of special effects like putting sepia tones, using the glow effect, and even the most basic of adjusting the contrast and brightness of your image. Although these techniques may be among the basic photo editing capabilities that you may have, they will already pave the way to having a better photo in your hands.

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Digital Printing vs. the Traditional Method in Photography

Over the past years, technology has been continuously evolving and it has brought about improved graphics, artworks and printing. Newer breakthroughs in technology have also made printing affordable and easy to use.For photographers too, printing has been made very easy and consultative. More photographers have switched from the old style to the modern enlarged printing with the use of digital inkjet printers.With the modern use of digital cameras now taking into effect to make perfect digital shots, photographers no longer have to go through the process of scanning of the negatives from the pictures taken This is the one of the main reasons more photographers have switched over to the digital age technology.Digital image printing is developed in corresponding software such as PhotoShop, CorelDraw and may other types of software. However, among them all, Photoshop is the most commonly used software application to meet the demands of clearer and precise digital prints. In fact, it has now become difficult for photographers to sell the equipment formerly used in the darkroom.With the growth of printing technology, new issues have also sprung up, such as whether digital printing is really as aesthetic and long lasting. Critics wonder if digital printing can contain the same level of output as that of traditional images. For others, printing in inkjet printers is akin to imitating the original as they are printed with the use of ink, while the traditional method contained natural mixture for photography purposes. Nevertheless, even with the advancement in digital photo printing, a number of people still appreciate the old technique of printing.In case you’re wondering about when the debate of digital printing over traditional was sparked off, it started with doubts over the long-lasting effect of inkjet prints over emulsion printouts. Critics have questioned if inkjet prints can endure the exposure longer and maintain their quality. However, some have proven that the traditional prints have not lasted as long and have slowly been fading in time as well. This observation strengthens the belief that no image can withstand exposure for a long period of time yet. Given that the developments in digital technology are ever increasing, questions and issues regarding its performance have been lessened for it has played its role well till date.Inkjet prints have greatly contributed to giving an eventual effect in the uniqueness of images. The technique of inkjet printers involves spraying a number of tiny dots onto the paper, making the image sharper and more defined. This is perhaps a simple example of how the new printing technology has played its part of contributing to creativity and has now defined its own field of artwork.The acceptance of inkjet prints has been quite unpredictable so far. In some exhibitions and art galleries, inkjet print designs are easily allowed, whereas some follow strict rules against the display of such prints. Alternatively, some designers still prefer the traditional emulsion prints to be part of their artworks. For those who rely on digital printing, the choice is based on practicality and reverting to the traditional technique is not longer financially viable. Digital printing has also made enlarging of prints and images much easier than traditional printing. It has been suggested that in time, when digital printing will continue its rise in the world of technology, many will make the switch over from the traditional method to the digital one.The use of digital printing requires refinement in art skills, and accuracy and precision should be followed and maintained. To enhance printing abilities, the aid of Photoshop, or similar types of software can prove to be very useful for acquiring spectacular prints.Cyan And Magenta ExplainedMoving on to ink cartridges used in printers, anybody who has purchased these cartridges would know that there is no blue or red ink. Cyan certainly looks blue and magenta definitely looks red — but have you ever wondered why they simply don’t call them blue and red instead of cyan and magenta?Here’s the explanation — both monitors and printers use different ways to produce colour. While a monitor is a light source, printers are light reflecting. The only common ground between the two is something known as dithering. It is the process of approximating a colour that cannot be displayed with uniformly dispersed dots of other colours.This technique assigns differing colour values to adjacent pixels, thereby reducing the contrast between dots of different colours or shades and generates a more flowing, natural impression. When viewed from a distance, these colours seem to blend into a single intermediate colour. Dithering is similar to the half toning used in black-and-white publications to achieve shades of grey.Coming back to the discussion, both monitors and printers use primary colours; however, a monitor uses primary additive colours red, green and blue, while printers use the primary subtractive colours cyan, magenta and yellow. In both cases, the primary colours are dithered to form the entire colour spectrum. Dithering breaks a colour pixel into an array of dots so that each dot is either made up of one of the basic primary colours or intentionally left blank to create white.Cyan and magenta are in fact old printing terms for blue and red, but since some form of differentiation is needed between the additive and subtractive spectrum, cyan and magenta are here to stay!

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